10 Reasons why you should choose iPhone over Android

No one can deny from the fact that Android phones have comparatively better features than an iPhone. They are a little bit better in terms of hardware, software customization options, connectivity with the other devices and cost. However, if someone asks me to which phone to buy, I mostly recommend iPhone over Android. However, I never say iOS over Android.


The reason I recommend Apple is because of its new iPhone8, iPhone 8 plus and iPhone X. The new range from the company is not just the platform; it is how the software and hardware complement each other. The perfect example of this complement is Live Photos, 3D Touch and the all-new feature Augmented-Reality applications, which is expected to be release with iOS 11. Another great feature of the iPhone is that it works seamlessly with the other Apple products, including Apple Watch, Macs and the Apple TV.

You Should Choose iPhone over Android by Following:

  1. Superior Performance

If you are planning to purchase the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X, you would be shocked to know that the A11 Bionic chip these Apple products have makes it much faster. Not just this, Apple’s flagship is also popular in synthetic benchmarks, including 3DMark and Geekbench 4. The speed difference in the iPhone and Android phones enables the playing of most intensive games hassle-free.

  1. Camera Quality

We agree that Samsung is taking over the camera phone crown from the past two years, but Apple has now acquired the top position because of its amazing cameras in iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus. Not just this, the all new iPhone X will have a dual-lens setup which is just as the iPhone 8 Plus. If we compare the camera shootout between iPhone 8 Plus and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, we can clearly see that the Apple’s flagship is winning hearts by clicking the most vibrant photos with more natural looking colors and high definition.

The difference between the two can be clearly seen when the pictures are being clicked in sunlight, where the Note8 automatically blurs the images. Comparing between Pixel 2 and iPhone X, Google’s Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL captures better images in dim light and delivers a better HDR performance. However, for portrait mode pictures, iPhone looks more natural. There are a number of other Android phone cameras as well, but for now no one beats the iPhone.

  1. Fabulous hardware and software integration

Apple is the first one to introduce the 3D Touch display in its iPhone 6s. The product was also smart enough to sense pressure, giving you complete freedom to take instant actions from home screen only by long-pressing on the app icon. With the all-new iPhone 6s portrait mode, you can also add sophisticated lighting effects just with a tap. Another great thing is that the iPhone X can scan your face (Face ID logging) even if you have started/stopped wearing eyeglasses or grown a beard.

Apart from these, there are many other features in iPhone that prove a perfect mix of the hardware and software integration.

  1. Simple User-Interface

Despite of making enhancements to its features, iPhone has remained the easiest or the simplest phone to use by far. All of the iPhones work pretty much as that of their earlier versions, which is pick it up, switch it on and touch the app to open. It’s applications including Siri and Control Center have even helped the customers in finding out their contacts, searching for the particular images and do a lot of other tasks without any hassle. Apart from these two, there has been developed a number of other customizable widgets that makes accomplish several tasks without spending too much time. It’s iOS 11 comes with a built-in feature to edit Live Photos, transfer money to the friends in the Message application and organize different files through a proper File application.

  1. Regular OS updates

Since the launch of iOS 11, it was reportedly installed on 25% of the iOS devices, whereas this was only 15% in case of Android Devices at the time of launch of Android Nougat. Most of the Android phones have to jump through more hoops to let you get the latest version of Google’s OS. On the other hand, if you have a compatible iPhone, i.e. iPhone 5s or later in case of iOS 11, you can update it right on the day of the release of this OS version.

  1. iOS gets the best apps first

With both the operating systems having millions of applications in their respective stores, it is difficult to understand which of these gets the best apps first. Most of the applications are first tested for their successful run on iOS platform before they actually made available to Google PlayStore. For example, it took more than two years for Instagram (the most popular social media application) to get launch on Android after it was being used by the iPhone users. In the same way, applications such as Super Mario Run and HQ Trivia have also taken several months to get to Android.


  1. No Bloatware

It cannot be better than this that you will not find even a single piece of carrier software pre-loaded on an iPhone. This delivers a clean out-of-the-box experience to the Apple users.

  1. Perfect compatibility with the Macs

If you are thinking about the limited connectivity options of the iPhones, then you must try it with a Mac. They go very well with Macs. For example- the Continuity feature in macOS helps you use your MacBook to send/receive text messages as well as make & receive calls. The only thing you need to do is keep your iPhone near to the Mac. Also, the iCloud keeps everything in sync making you easily access the photos you take on your iPhone to your Mac device. Not only the photos, you can also access notes and documents without any hassle. The iOS 11 has a new File application that helps you keep all your files in sync across iCloud and your Mac. Another Photo app named macOS high Sierra now has a Memories view with the help of which you can edit Live Photos smoothly.

  1. Apple Pay

Among other such methods, Apple Pay is one of the most trusted methods of making mobile payments. One reason behind its popularity is its simple user interface, while the other is the ease of transferring the money. All you need to do is bring your iPhone close to the supported payment terminal at the checkout counter following by pressing your finger on your phone’s Touch ID sensor. In case of iPhone X, you need to double tap the side button and then keep your face in front of your phone in order to use Face ID. If you don’t want to send money to your friends by this way, then try sending it within the Message app. Both the ways are highly secure though. The only thing to take care of is that all the funds you send or receive are stored on a Pay cash card. To get them in your bank account, you need to transfer them separately.

  1. Instant Support and Help

In the event of an error in your Android device, you have to find a solution on online forums or by calling the brand’s customer care center. However, Apple has made it pretty simpler to get an instant support by providing a plethora of articles and guidelines on the Apple’s website. You can also try live chat or schedule an appointment at an apple Store Genius Bar. The executive will assist you instantly with the best possible solution. There is a remarkable difference in the way of Apple’s customer support service.

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