Microsoft builds epic Tree House Office space for Employees

Microsoft, the tech giant has built treehouses, with embedded technology, on its Raymond campus. The treehouse will serve as a meeting space leading to a more causal work environment. According to a blog post by Microsoft, “With their workspace turned inside out and meetings taking place up in the foliage employees are finding out how to rethink what working looks like”.

By building every kid’s dream tree house, it seems like the tech giant has brought something to compete the Apple’s new spaceship headquarter, Google’s massage rooms, nap pods and on-site doctor and work space of the other big companies.

The new office space for Microsoft employees is an elaborate treetop meeting space located at Redmond, Washington (Corporate Headquarter). This amazing news has been revealed at Microsoft official blog. In the blog post, the company mentioned that “to get to Microsoft’s most unexpected new meeting space, embark on leisurely outdoor stroll up a planked, accessible switchback ramp. At the top, a secure wooden gate swings open to reveal a deck suspended by timber beams and cables”.

Exciting features of Microsoft tree house are:

  • Charred-wood walls
  • Skylights
  • Gas firewall
  • Wi-Fi
  • Hidden electrical outlets
  • Indoor cafeteria

Pete Nelson, the host of the series Treehouse Masters (Discovery Channel) built the tree house. According to the company, the house has been designed to help “employees take advantage from what science shows is the great impact of the nature to bring creativity and happiness in work.

Bread Boulter, who assisted in the project, said “The first thing when you walk into the space is that everyone is really quiet. You stop talking and are just present,” said Mr Boulter. “It’s fascinating. People absorb the environment, and it changes the perception of their work and how they can do it”. The outdoors can have positive impact on your mood and that’s what Microsoft aimed at.

Harvard physician Eva Selhub, co-author of Your Brain on Nature wrote that the “Nature boosts neurons in your brain resulting in turning off the stress response, which simply means you have lower cortisol levels, lower blood pressure and heart rate, and improved immune response”. So, instead of putting a few more house plants in the office, Microsoft designed a treehouse to take the entire office to the outdoors. Bread Boulter also said that “we don’t have to bring nature to urbanity- we are in nature. It’s at our back door”.

Well, it’s really a great idea! 

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