Canada’s new Tech-leaders of Technology

Canada’s top new tech-leaders, who are no longer comes under new-comers in Nation’s Technology Sector. Mr.Tobias Lutke, Shopify founder of the e-commerce platform, and Mr.Michael Katchen, Wealthsimple founder of the robo-advisory. They have arrived in the market.

Tech-leaders of Technology

Pic Credits: Toronto Star

After getting launched in 2014, Mr.Katchen’s company has risen up to manage more than $1.9 billion in assets from around 65,000 investors. Whereas, Mr. Lutke’s net worth is approximately more than  $1 billion.

Other than them, the top five new tech-leaders, who could become the household names, if their business continues to grow at such first pace.

Ryan Holmes (Founder of Hootsuite Media Inc.)

By Bloomberg in 2008, Holmes launched the Vancouver-based programmer’s Company which was named as one of Canada’s most prominent tech firms.

Mr. Holmes said that in the year 2017, Hootsuite has a record year. And in the year 2014, the company had risen up to value $1 billion and raised $60million in financing. The figure was doubtful and the industry watchers had estimated the worth of $700 million to $750 million.

Editorial Director of IT World Canada, Brian Jackson said that the companies used the social media platforms to manage their feeds on Twitter and Facebook. And this is used up by the top big brands in Canada itself. He further said that these were the companies with the global reach.

Mr.Jackson said that an expected Initial Public Offering or IPO would gather a lot of interest, which would help them generate a lot of wealth for its Founder.

Ben Zifkin (Founder of Hubba Inc.)

The head of Toronto based Hubba told its audience, one year back at Venture for scale-up Speaker Series that soon his company would be worth more than $1 billion. Today the online platform has approx 13,000 users and 60,000 brands that help the retail buyers to search and purchase the new consumer products.

Hubba’s Brand clients- Unilever NV and Procter & Gamble Co., the retailers- Walmart Inc. and Target Corp., and the key financing- Goldman Sachs.

In a recent interview with Forbes, Mr. Zifkin said that after LinkedIn Corp. he is carving the company by providing the stage with free of charge for the basic use and for upgrading the features, he is charging fee.

John Baker (Founder of D2L Corp.)

Mr. Baker’s company is the largest maker of e-learning software in Canada and all over the world for the schools, universities and corporations.

Mr. Baker is consider being one among the Canada’s top competitors and has got many awards, which includes the top 40, the under 40 for Waterloo region.

Mr. Baker said that the company has big run away for the growth and has 700 plus employees. Last year, he said to the Forbes that the education market is worth approx. $6 trillion and his firm just touched the surface. And the company already serves around 13 million individual learners and among its clients, he counts into 1000 companies Fortune.

The President of the Information Technology Association of Canada, Robert Watson said that he comes under the upcoming tech developers. He further said that he has no confusion in the fact that he is going to push the envelope. That will make positive and real impact in the lives of the people around the world and his potential’s are boundless.

Frederic Lalonde (Co-Fouder and CEO of Hopper Inc.)

The Managing partner with Brightspark, Sophie Forest said that Hopper has sold over $500 million worth of flights yearly and over $1.5 million per day. She further said that in 2018, starting the app was downloaded more than 20 million times.

Mrs. Forest also said that Hopper is looking for an opportunity to expanding their hotel- room booking business. Hooper comes under the top travel app in more than 37 countries and its hit with millennial.

Mr. Lalonde was based in Montreal and Boston. Before venturing into the flight booking app, Hooper, Mr. Lalonde already set up a high profile image in the online travel section. In 2002 he has been the Vice-President for Expedia, after his travel booking company purchased on of his startups.

And Mr. Lalonde’s current venture, Hopper had raised an amount more than $100 million in funding. The Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System and Brightspark Ventures are Hopper’s investors.

Mike Silagadze (Co-Founder of Tophatmonocle Corp. (Top Hat)

In 2009, top Hat was launched by Mr. Silagadze and the co-founder Mohen Shahini, after they realized that over the decades, the Post-Secondary classroom hasn’t been changed and it need tech-makeovers.

The company which is based in Toronto has currently raised for venturing the capital, more than $20 million to expand the software that allows the teachers, for arranging the classroom material’s and communicate with the students.

Mr. Jackson of IT World Canada said that its just an early stage and so he doesn’t count himself as billionaire or anything like that. He further said that they are planning up something big this time, hiring some hundreds of employees more.

The TopHat is the market leader in the educational Software and in the North America. It is used up by the millions of the students at roughly 75 percent of the top 1000 postsecondary Institutions. On the last year, Mr. Silagadze told Techvibes. A Canadian Technology e-zine that these new technologies had no such impact on the student’s experience.

On last year, in an Interview with the Globe and Mail, Mr. Silagadze said that the TopHat has grown twice in size as compare to the previous 5 years. And now they are expecting to double in size, annually and the business is growing at a first pace.

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