How to change Microsoft Office theme to Dark Mode?

Microsoft Office setup comprises of multiple themes, yet recently a new dark mode was added to the theme list. Facilitating users with different preferences, Office setup has made it easier for those who like to work on a darker screen.

Office theme to Dark Mode

Users with an active subscription of Office setup 365 can download and install the productivity suite with the feature of changing the theme. To install at the current version of the utility, go to and install Office setup 2013 or new version. Older version of Office setup do not support or offer the dark mode feature.

In case you have not updated you Office setup after 2016 or your license has expired, you will not have the option of changing themes. In order to get started with all the latest features, make sure you update your Office setup product version and renew the software, if expired.

If you are using Office setup online, then go to and login to your and execute the instructions below. Please note that below procedure could vary slightly for desktop version of Microsoft Office setup.

Steps to enable dark mode in Microsoft Office setup

  1. Open an application, e.g. MS Office Word
  2. Take your cursor to the file icon and click the option to expand
  3. Click Account and as the segment opens up, click Office theme
  • A list of themes will drop down
  1. Click on the option of Dark Gray mode or any other as per your choice
  2. Save the changes

You have now enabled dark mode theme on Microsoft Office setup. In case you face trouble the change, visit and seek instruction from the support section. Alternatively, connect with experts and they will instruct you manually to make the change or resolve any issue that is causing the hindrance during the process.

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