How to fix ‘MS-Office stops functioning while opening or saving a file’ error?

Are you facing issues with your MS-Office like it stop functioning while opening or saving a file? The solution along with the possible conditions behind this issue is provided below:

  • Condition –
  1. When one or more mapped network which is currently offline or nonexistent, is shared by the system.
  2. When the drive in the domain isn’t trusted and one or more mapped drives remains to b exist.
  3. When the mapped drive gets located on a slow or a down-level computer.

Note- When the operating system of the computer has the earlier versions of MS-Windows than the one you’re using are called a down-level computer.

  1. When the mapped drive gets connected over Wide Area Network (WAN)
  2. When the drive gets framed as an inaccessible removable drive.
  • Resolution

To solve this issues one can try all possible ways to resolve it like disconnecting all the network drives that have any one of the listed conditions as stated in the ‘Cause’ section.

Fix Ms-Office File Error

Tips- As you may be aware of the fact that MS-Windows has several versions and they may get varies while following the below steps as each system are different from others. Look at the product documentation to complete the steps.

The steps are applied to Microsoft Office com setup Access 2007, Microsoft Office Access 2003, and Microsoft Office Excel 2007. To download, install, and activate any of MS-Office product you need to visit link.

Check out the steps as listed below to do the resolve the issues-

1.      Open your resp. Microsoft Windows versions.

2.      Select ‘My Computer’

3.      Click on the option ‘Disconnect Network Drive’.

4.      Select the letter of the drive that you want to disconnect, in the ‘Disconnect Network Drive’ dialog box.

5.      Click on the option ‘Ok’.

6.       Until and unless all offline network drives get disconnected, repeat step (1) & (2).

Note- If you’re unsure about the particular drive, then follow the below steps-

1.      Click on the ‘Start’ button from the taskbar.

2.      Select the ‘Run’ option.

3.      In the ‘open box’ type the following: \\ Computer name \share name and press ‘Enter’.

Tips- ‘Computer name’ – the name of the server which is sharing the resource; ‘Share name’ –the name of the shared resource, you wished to use.

If the resource isn’t available then you may receive an error message like ‘The network name can’t be found’.

You may try Windows Explorer to view the contents of the drive.

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