How to fix Office 365 installation ‘Something went wrong’ error?

Office 365 Installation – Microsoft Company has recently come up with a bunch of upgradation in its latest productivity suite Office 365, which is known for its marvelous features. The application which comes under the subscriptions is Outlook, OneNote, OneDrive, Word, PowerPoint, and many other.

But sometimes, it can cause some issues during installation. And when such issue occurs you might see a message like ‘Sorry, something went wrong’ and you don’t have a single idea how to deal with it and why it’s showing.

We understand your condition and thus in this article, you will get your solution related to Office setup 365 or Office 2013/2016 installation error.

Office 365 installation

Follow the steps as listed below to get the solution, instantly-

1.  Visit the official website of MS-Office 365 Setup Page

2.  Look for the ‘Fix it’ tool and run it.

Note- This automated tool will take you through the uninstallation as well as reinstallation steps and for that, you need to click on link for a clean version.

Tips-It is recommended not to go for Internet Explorer to run this tool instead apply for Google Chrome or Firefox, to keep the process running while other applications need to be close.

3.  Select ‘Apply this fix’ when asked for confirmation.

4.  Restart your system.

5.  Try to reinstall the office 365.

If the above solution doesn’t work then go for alternate ways to solve it-

1.  Make sure you’re having an uninterrupted internet connection.

2.  Your router’s firmware needs to be up to date.

3.  Remove your browser cookies and cache.

4.  Reset Internet Explorer settings.

5.  Uninstall the earlier version of Office 365 from the ‘Control Panel’.

6.  Go for temporary disabling Antivirus software, you’re using.

Note- If the above solutions don’t work for you then free to contact Microsoft Office Setup Support team to give you assistance on your issues.

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