How to install MS Office 2016 to Mac?

With the increasing competition in the business industry, it has important to enhance the employees’ productivity for the better outcome. You must be ready to adopt the new technologies to stay ahead. Microsoft Office suite is technology-driven business software that offers multiple versions to the users. In MS Office 2016, you can automate your business tasks like doing analysis, making presentations and pie charts etc. It can be downloaded from for your Mac.

install MS Office 2016 for Mac

Steps to install MS Office 2016 for Mac:

  1. After downloading the Office 2016, go to the “Finder”
  2. Then go to “Downloads” and double-click the downloaded file (Microsoft_office_2016_Installer.pkg)
  3. When installation screen appears click “Continue” in order to begin the installation process
  4. Check the Software License Agreement and click “Continue”
  5. Click “Agree” to confirm the Software License Agreement
  6. Check the space in your disk and then select “Install”

Note: Instead of downloading the entire Office suite, you can select the specific app according to your requirement. Press the customize button and uncheck the other apps.

  1. Fill your Mac password, select “Install”

Note:  It is your usual password which you use to log in to your Mac

  1. After finishing the installation process click “Close”
  2. Go to the MS Excel in the dock
  3. When you click the icon “MS Excel” the” What’s New ” window will open and select “Get Started” for activating process”

For more information on how to install the Office 2016 to Mac or how to download Office 2016 via, you can call the customer care phone number. They will be happy to assist you with the best possible way.

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