How to use Office 365 Microsoft Forms?

Microsoft Forms is an online survey creator which allows the users to create shareable surveys, polls, and quizzes with automatic marking facility. The responses of the survey get tracked by the MS-Forms to give stint of real-time results and analytics. It is a part of Office Setup 2010 education and the data can be circulated to MS-Excel.

Microsoft has recently put up MS-Forms in ‘Preview mode’ to Office 365 business users and Chorus is included on it. Microsoft Forms are available for Office 365 education as well as business users, who are using any of the commercial Office 365 plans-

  • Office 365 Business Essentials.
  • Office 365 Business Premium.
  • Office 365 Enterprise E1, E3, and E5 plans.

Please note – E4 if anyone purchased this plan before Microsoft end its services.

Microsoft Form is simple and direct applications, which is an outstanding solution to the business which is included in Office 365 subscription. And the software creates an attractive form that provides user experiences, including mobile devices.

Office Setup 2010

To get the app, one needs to open Office 365 Homepage and search for the app from the list of apps. If Microsoft Office Setup 2010 Forms isn’t displaying then click the option ‘Explore all your apps’ to get it.

While using the app, the user will be open up with the Forms homepage, to create a new form or quiz. To select a new form, the user can simply fill up the form details as well as add an image along with it.

The user can add a variety of questions to their survey. The ‘Choice’ option let the user add multiple-choice questions and many possible answers as one wish to include. It is up to the users to allow whether the respondent should provide the multiple answers or completing the question is compulsory by toggling ‘multiple answers’ and ‘required’ functions on/off.

And with the ‘text’ option, the respondents can answer the question with a free-text response, where they can continue writing anything they want. Date-related questions come up with the option to select the date from the calendar with the response to the questions. ‘Rating’ questions allow the user to rate something while using a scale of numbers or stars.

By adding a ‘theme’ the user can change the appearances of the Microsoft Form, after adding the questions. To check out how the final survey looks to the respondents, the user can click on the ‘preview’ option.

Sharing the survey report with Microsoft Office Setup 2010 is very simple and easy. It is up to the user to choose whether the survey is shared among the people with the same organization or just with anyone whoever opens the link.

The user can share the survey templates and coordinate the survey design. After copying the link, one can paste it anywhere like in an email, on a webpage or social media, and many others. On the other hand, one can generate a QR code, which let the users scan the code by using then the mobile device to access them.

With ‘Embed’ option provides some HTML code, which needs to be paste in the webpage. While ‘Email’ option, is exactly to go with the name.

One can easily find out the number of people has submitted the response, the average time taken by them to answer the form, and the status of the form. For the multiple-choice questions, the user may check the number of responses for each of the option and a pie chart.

For any of the question type, one can check full breakdown of all the different answers. Each respondent’s answer will be provided with an ID. Suppose, the user has shared the survey with the people of their organization and by selecting the option the user can see the name, else the data remains anonymous.

Lastly, one can open the data in MS-Excel spreadsheet, in case one wants to do detailed statistical analysis or they can open it on MS-PowerPoint.

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