Malware have been Used by Hackers for Stealing the Gas from Paying Customers


As the technologies are getting upgraded day by day, the level of security is also increasing making it quite difficult for the hackers to hack the system. Thus, the hackers are finding various new bugs or flaws in the system to hack them to steal or harm the data (personal and confidential data) of the users, by hook or by crook.

One of the hacker, named Denis Zayev had been arrested by the Russian authorities in Stavrapool situated at Russia for stealing the gas from paying customers at the dozens of gas station owned by largest oil companies. For stealing the gas. He has developed a malicious computer program and was installed on the gas stations, by him. In this program, on every purchase by the customer. They were undercharged from 3% to 7% of the amount of the gas purchased by him and the information was also deleted about it.

Zayev has confessed his crime of stealing the amount from 3% to 7% of the gas that has been purchased by the customers. He even told that in his statement that the malware or the program was installed on both gas pumps and the cash registries with the approval of the operators on the gas stations and became his fellows in this crime.

The strategy used by the operators was to leave the gas tank empty at starting. Customer came to refuel the car then, the program would charge him from 3% to 7% of the gas amount and at the same time the “nedoliv” was displayed on the accounting programs of the station.

According to FSB investigators, the malware was quite impossible to encounter on the pumps. This has been one of the biggest fraud. The giant fraud that has covered the entire south Russia. The whole network was built, in order to steal the gas and to fool the innocent citizens of the country by not bearing a single ruble (the currency of Russia) or the financial loss.

The crime seekers has been arrested by the Russian police. The main mastermind “Zayev” has been charged for the creation of the malware and for doing the fraud of a large amount of cash.

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