Microsoft introducing the new fluent design to Office 365

Microsoft has announced on 14th June 2018 about introducing the Fluent Design from Windows 10 to Office365.  This design was focused to offer the more streamlined interface with the depth. The right amount of colors, and the adjustment animation makes the Office a cleaner and the easier experience.

Microsoft Design

The new updated design is been carried away gradually with the new interface. Which is getting released today for MS-Word users on or At the end of this month, a test group of Office Insiders will look into MS-Word, MS-Excel, and MS-PowerPoint for Windows.  On the first week of July, the new updates will be available in MS-Outlook for Windows and on Mac, MS-Outlook will be available from the month of August.

The Fluent design contains the simplified ribbon to Office setup with the new icons and colors. Which will help while working by making it easy to use. In the ribbon there will be combined controls which will let you see through the small avatars of others. Who all are working along with you on the particular document, can be accessible to the comments page and the documents will share easily.

Note- The ribbon bar icons have been upgraded to encourage less color and more details, to give a cleaner look.

Moreover, with the addition of the Fluent Design. Microsoft has also added a new search experience which will use the machine learning as well as Microsoft AI. Along with the addition of allowing search documents or texts within documents. The new search includes a new feature called ‘Zero Query Search’.

Zero Query Search, lets you simply click in the search field and before you go for typing anything to look for. MS-AI    will offer you with the bundle of suggestions like a list of related documents. You can collaborate with and the commands which you wanted to execute.

The new search feature is already available in the, SharePoint Online, and the Outlook mobile app.

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