Microsoft Office 365 Teamed up with BlackBerry launched the BlackBerry Enterprise Bridge

BlackBerry had joined its hands with Microsoft to launch its new product, named as BlackBerry Enterprise Bridge so as to improve their security as well as productivity for all the mobile users sitting at any corner of the world. This integrated product of BlackBerry and Microsoft i.e. BlackBerry Enterprise Bridge enables the all its users to use the Office 365 mobile applications within its Dynamics container software.

MS Office 365

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Carl Wiese, the President of the global sales at BlackBerry said that the company had always worked to offer the new and innovative ways for securing the corporate data on the mobile devices of iOS as well as Android platforms. Apart from this, he also told that all the BlackBerry users including the large banks, healthcare providers and even the Governmental department, showed a great interest to this integrated product.

According to the deal made between BlackBerry and Microsoft at the time of team up, Microsoft has to add the BlackBerry Dynamics to its UEM cloud and workspaces. Even the AtHoc platforms are now available to the Azure cloud for offering the flexibility to its users.

Even the executive vice president of Microsoft, Judson Althoff appreciated the team up of their company with BlackBerry through his words. He said in the press conference that the Office users choose the Office 365 Setup because of the innovative features and tools involved within the Office productivity and the collaboration tools. And the company altogether with BlackBerry will take the upgrade the level of innovations to the next level.

Being the part of the BlackBerry, this integrated product aims to offer a better protection to its users, known as “Enterprise of Things”. Apart from the feature of better security against the cyber-attacks or threats, it also provides an increased productivity and connectivity for the Businesses and their employees.

The CMO of BlackBerry, Mark Wilson told that the “Enterprise of things” is going to deliver all the new benefits regarding the how they work of the new productivity to its users.

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