Microsoft Office 365 Update: New Machine Learning Tool Added!

Microsoft Office 365 Update – At the Annual Developer Conference. Microsoft declared that a number of new machine learning tool has been added to its Microsoft 365 suite. Microsoft 365, which is a complete bundle suite of Windows 10, Microsoft Office 365, and Enterprise Mobility + Security. Now incorporates Windows machine learning that is further the latest platform to help developers generate machine learning models in the intelligent cloud. Once created, the developers can make them available for use.

Microsoft Office 365 Update

The tech giant is already using artificial intelligence in its MS Office 365 productivity suite, Windows 10 Photos applications, with the Windows Hello Facial Recognition and in all the services. It will help the cybersecurity professionals as well as advertisers. It is being estimated that with the next big Windows 10 update, developers can have an easy access to Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence tools for utilizing them during Windows 10 applications development or creation.

With this all-new Windows Machine Learning, the developers can also utilize pre-trained machine learning models. Which will make sure real-time analysis of data for lower costs. Also, the AI platform can be utilized through a plethora of devices such as IoT edge devices, workstations, desktop PCs, HoloLens, and data centers. The company is also planning to share more details on Microsoft Office 365 in the upcoming build festivities.

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