Microsoft Office introducing dark mode for macOS Mojave users

This year has been a big time for Microsoft organization with nonstop advances. Started with the launch of Office 2019 suite and now it is the time to introduce dark mode for Microsoft office users on Mac. Propitious for macOS Mojave users. As they will be experiencing the comfort of Microsoft Office Setup dark mode feature.

office dark mode macOS

As per the statement given by the Microsoft Office product manager on Twitter, the new knight dark mode will go initially for Insider Fast testers, while other users may have to be a little more patient to roll into this new update.

Do users need subscription?

Microsoft Office 365, which can be accessed office setup. Will come up with the new theme supposedly by next week. It is also recorded that the feature has already been added to file explorer in its update of Windows 10 version. Following its typical drift. Microsoft will make the dark mode available for the subscribers of Office 365 first. Prior to the release of Office feature as individual Office apps.

Giving you a perfect interface to work at nights without straining your eyes, you can install Office setup 365 version from Where you will receive a unique Office setup product key via an email.

If you have been using a free trial version of the productivity suite without an Office setup product key. Make sure you update the subscription this time. If you are willing to purchase or switch to a new product or package, simply go to and login to

As you go to the home page of You can have a thorough look over all the products, packages, and the features offered by Office setup 365. Especially the users who use the productivity suite on macOS Mojave device and want to work on the dark mode, must purchase office setup product key from

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