September 19, 2017 | Office My Account | Login to MS Office

Microsoft Office is a collection of productivity tools that have revolutionised the way we make use of our computers. We have moved farther away from typewriters and overhead projectors and entered a new world where we can draft applications, give presentations, and compute massive amounts of data in no time with MS Office and login to access Office 365. Every component of the Microsoft Office Suite has a unique role to play and adds value to the features of the software. Whether it is OneNote, which can act as your personal diary or your business organiser and planner, or any other application for that matter; each one of the Microsoft tools can impact your personal and professional life and make your life easier.

With Microsoft, you do not need a range of devices or paraphernalia to carry out your work. All you need to do is install the software on your system from and let the apps do the rest. The MS Office Suite is a one-stop application for all your needs. They have a simple and graphical user interface, which allows even a newbie to use the software like any professional would. With Microsoft Office, you can add magic to any assignment or presentation and win hearts in the process!

What is Office My Account?

If you have purchased a copy of MS Office, say you have just obtained an Office 365 subscription, then to download its software, you will have to create a Microsoft account. In addition to this, if you want to buy MS Office from the web, you will have to create a Microsoft account. Even while changing your Operating System to Windows, you will require Microsoft my account is a single place where users can access all of their Microsoft related service, subscriptions and products. Given that Microsoft produces a large number of products and services, people use more than one Microsoft Office setup or service in their daily lives. Having different accounts to manage them is not feasible. Therefore, Microsoft my account is a convenient way to handle your Microsoft products. You can create your account at

What does Microsoft My Account Contain?

  • Outlook

Microsoft Outlook maintains personal data, calendars, journals, meetings, connections, and is used for sending and receiving emails along with attachments. It has striking characteristics and is a part of MS Office.

  • Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is an incredible and power-packed productivity toolset which comes in several versions like Office 365, Office 2016, Office 2013, Office 2010, Office 2007, Office 2003, etc.

  • Skype

Skype, now a part of Microsoft Office suites, is a helpful program for communicating, collaborating, and chatting. Remote workers can attend meetings and conferences via Skype video calls.

  • OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive, previously known as SkyDrive, offers cloud storage. The Microsoft Office documents can easily be stored on OneDrive, and they can be edited, viewed, shared, and downloaded.

  • Xbox Live

With Xbox Live, games can play complete games on the internet and download them from Xbox Live Arcade. They can manage their achievements and connect with other Xbox gamers.

  • Bing

If you need to look something up on the internet, then use Bing. Bing is a search engine which provides top-notch search results. You can also look for news, pictures, videos, and a lot more on Bing.

  • Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store is where one can buy Microsoft products such as Xbox, Office suites, OneDrive storage, Windows OS, etc. It is a convenient way of purchasing stuff without leaving the comfort of your home.

  • Windows

Windows is an OS which supports various programming languages such as C, C++, JAVA, PHP, etc. It is very affordable and known for its fantastic and smooth performance. Moreover, it is famous for its stability.

How to set up a Microsoft My Account at

With a Microsoft account, users can avail the benefits and services offered by the company.  In order to purchase an Office subscription, one has to sign in to their Microsoft user account. Follow the process given below to create your own Microsoft My Account:

  1. Open the following link in any browsing software:
  2. Allow the webpage to load, locate the Create a free Microsoft account link. Click on it. Tip: The link should be under the Sign In option.
  3. Allow the Create an account webpage to load.
  4. Furnish all the details required.
  5. Enter your name, set a username if the username is already taken then type in another. After that, create a secure password and re-enter it in the next box.
  6. Note that the password is case-sensitive to ensure that the caps lock is either on or off.
  7. You can make an account with a new email as well. Just select the option under the username.
  8. After providing all the steps, go to next. Now, to ascertain whether or not you are real, you will need to enter the code shown on the screen. If you cannot make the text out, then select audio captcha. Enter the code played in the audio.
  9. After that, click on Create an account.
  10. To read the Microsoft Services Agreement and then the privacy and cookies statement you need to click on the links.
  11. Open the email.
  12. Find the verification email in the inbox. Check Spam folder if your inbox does not have it.
  13. Click on the Verify button.
  14. Your Microsoft Office my account is all set!