How to reactivate a free Microsoft Office Subscription?

(Please note the reactivation steps given in this article are applicable only to the free Office 365 subscription. If you are using a paid version of the Office 365 Setup and want to reactivate it then contact the Microsoft Office Setup support team for the guidance.)

Microsoft Office 365, the latest version of the Office productivity suite is available as both paid and free subscriptions. With a free subscription, you can have an idea of the features and functionalities of Office 365. On the other hand, if you avail a paid version, you can make the most of the Office 365 and access all its functions and features for real-time co-authoring, working together in groups, and other purposes.

microsoft office subscription

In this article, we are going to provide you the easiest way to reactivate your free Microsoft Office subscription after the trial period expires. Just make sure you follow the steps precisely without making any mistake. (Please note that you can reactivate your subscription only if you are eligible for it; otherwise, you have to visit and buy a paid version after the trial period expires). Check out the steps here:

  1. When you see the message “Your subscription has expired”, click Sign In
    • Make sure you don’t choose “Enter Key option as no product key is required when you subscribe to and activate a free Office Setup 365
  2. Now, provide your complete AccessID email address and then hit Next
  3. Provide the AccessID password
  4. Hit Sign In
  5. Your subscription is now activated!
  6. You can now access all the Office 365 applications and features
  7. Once, done hit Ok

Tip- The steps for reactivating the Office 365 for Windows and Mac are different. So, follow the right steps that are meant for your device. Hope the information was useful!

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