Sharing the videos with Office 365 team members with no extra payment

Sharing the videos with the MS-Stream might cost the users with more money because of the lack of the alternative applications available in the market.

Big companies like Microsoft have recently agreed to pay a little more on one of the tools like Microsoft Stream for housing training library. This application in combination with the Office setup 365. Microsoft allows their employees to share videos among their colleagues that work on a single project as a team or group.

office setup 356

Most of the organizations prefer videos as their standard medium for the employees training and instructions. To ensure that all the policies and procedures are communicated prominently. A library of the online training materials are provided online which are efficient as well as convenient.

Although, the creativity and collaborations are recommended in various areas of business enterprises still some behavior needs to be consistent as well as predictable. For any enigmatic reasons Microsoft Company has decided to make Stream as a part of paid add-ins for all the other apps but still, Streams considered the most costly enterprise versions of Office setup 365.

Microsoft PowerPoint and MS-SharePoint are excellent alternative applications that come along with the Office 365 Business subscription. In order, to share YouTube videos on either SharePoint site or MS-PowerPoint presentation. You need to have full access for all the Office apps to perform the task.

For note- You need to visit link, for successful launching of any Office apps on your system.


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