Upland Software Extends Integration with Salesforce and MS Office 365

With the launch of its cloud-based request for proposal and proposal automation software, Qvidian, Upland Software has upgraded its partnership with Salesforce.com as well as MS Office 365 Update Software. Which is a renowned provider of cloud-based enterprise work management software integration boosts up content review reporting to assist a number of organizations in different domains to meet strict requirements.

This extended collaboration with Office 365 will allow the users to make changes to the content for RFPs together with the other request projects. These other projects include RFI (Request for information), DDQ (Due Diligence Questionnaires), etc. This extended integration will also help the sales teams to provide a better support and an instant response to the customers’ requests.

Other advantages users can avail from it are MS Office 365 online collaborations, smooth workflows, upgrade inline editing. Auto-sync of the modifications or changes made. Talking about the Qvidian’s extend integration or collaboration with Salesforce.com (the American cloud computing company) will make the users begin Request for Proposal, Request for Tender, Request for Quotation, and security questionnaires straight from Salesforce apps.

In addition, this augmentation will automate the formation of an audit trail along with supporting highly complicated compliance initiatives. These initiatives will be perfect specifically for the organizations in great regulated industries such as healthcare.

Chief technology officer and senior vice president of workflow automation solutions at Upland Software said that “Completing RFPs, DDQ, and other requests quickly are the need of every enterprise. This saves time and hence, increases the ability of an enterprise to beat its competitors. The integration of our company with the Office 365 and Salesforce will help us in maintaining the highest quality stands. And also let them experience the next level of efficiency.

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